Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gotichaur ; A grassland that you should not miss when you are in Jumla

Destination : Gotichaur grassland
Animals grazing around Gotichaur Grassland.

Means to Reach : an hour bike rides or Jeep

                             approx 3 hours gentle walk 
                             from Jumla bazaar.
Rice Pudding,a famous meal found at Gotichaur.

Colourful flowers around the grassland.

Best time to visit : June,July and August is best to visit but visiting all season is recommended.
Famous for : Start point to Trekking Thakurgyu Area, Grassland with varieties of colourful flowers,Rice pudding,Jungle Safari,on the way to Dolpa,Historically important artistic Water tap,National Sheep goats Research Center. 
Daily Life of Farmers in Grassland.

Accommodation : Only one hotels with 20 attached rooms and few Guest Rooms of Research center.

Recommended : Camping for the best experience.

women I met on the way to Gotichaur.

Girls going to grazeing cows.

Want to stay in this summer house with cow shed.
Some more Photos around Gotichaur grassland:

Colourful Gotichaur grassland

A research center.

Kids heading for fishing in small river at Gotichaur. 

Butterfly which i liked most.

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