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Jumla a mystical city having great influence on history in Nepal. Duirng the Baisay chaubisya rajya(22/24 state) Jumla region is one of the powerful and richest state in the region and its territory is up to Taklakhor of Tibet, Manang , Mustang , jajarkot, salyan,Dang,rukum,kalikot rukum,bajura ,Bajang . Greater than this Karnali region. It is one of the dominant state in that era.
Gorkhali troops won and merge in greater Nepal after 2nd commiting during Dashain. From then they destroy all the historical evidence and the palaces.s
Still their are ground formation of ruins need to preserve and promote and introduce to the world.
It is the place where Nepali language has originated and as well as the disitrict is known as the place where people cultivate rice in highest place on world.
It is the place believed that at first the prison and penalised system has been practice.
It is believed that from the day when Karnali region is merged in greater Nepal the bad luck started to the peopl…