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Sinja,an important landmark of Khasa Kingdom

An outstanding valley that nestles isolated in the western mountains, Sinja Valley was once and for a long time a capital city of 12th to 14th century powerful western Malla or Khasa kingdom – as per the archaeological evidences found during the excavations. The Khasa kingdom split into twenty-two hundred petty kingdoms after the 14th century, which was later unified as Nepal during late 18th century.

Sinja Valley

Historic Dewal

It is Sinja Valley where the present Nepali language originated. Devanagari script from the 13th Century was discovered on the cliffs in and around Dullu, which are probably the earliest inscriptions of Devnagari Lipi found in Nepal.

Historric stone pillars which sculptures are almost lost.

Paddy fields alongside of Hima river at Narakot,Sinja.
At Sinja noteworthy loop of monumental stone columns were discovered encircling the remains of the early settlements with a Malla doorway and steps. Underneath the ground earthen pipes were found, that justify the presence of modern water supply techniques in the region. In the caves across Hima River at Sinja ancient votive Buddhist chaityas and cliff inscriptions were discovered. Until the date, the ancient culture has huge religious significance as in many Stony Dewals or temples the ancient rites of the Masto (Shamans) are practiced.

essential intervention is needed to save these historic important monuments in Sinja,Jumla that owes under private land and property.

Due to lack of  preservation very less sculptures are found on stone pillars which are proof of Khasa Kingdom.

Budbudhi temple at meadow of Narakot,Sinja

a bridge dedicated to late King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya.

Rokayabada village,Sinja.

Jumla Rara & Sinja Valley Trek, it is a week long walk in the wilderness of remote west. For cultural aficionados, the nomadic culture that can be witnessed in the villages of Jumla are worthwhile exploring and for the people who prefer understanding the history of a new place, Sinja can be the ideal place. So folks, if you prefer to trek along the off the beaten trail, where nature, culture and historical aspects are choke-full  trek with us and we assure you will get to enjoy the trip of your lifetime.


  1. Very interesting to learn about Nepal. Thank you for sharing my friend

  2. Nice to see the site and very interesting historical site.


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