Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Remember us for Yarshagumba collection experience to Mt.Khadi

If any one of you would like to trek in Jumla or you are in Jumla , I would like to inform you Mt.Khadi region that lies in Patarasi Village Municipality could be one of your life time experience because this year we did cave trek (cooking and sleeping in caves) even their was snowing all the time,so you can imagine how safe and finest area this is....

Why this trek?
  • Many unexplored Sacred temples,waterfall and Lakes are on the way.
  • Closest meadows in Nepal where Yarshagumba (latin name cordyceps sinesis) is found.
  • Home of endangered wild animals Musk Deer, Red Panda,Blue Sheeps,Bear,,Himalayan Thar,Serow(Goral),Wild Boar and more.
  • Finest forest of Bamboo , Betula utilis(Bhojpatra), Brown Oak (Kharsu) a himalayan cedar(Deodar) ,Rhododendron alongside of Tila river
  • Pristine river,wide and finest trail
  • Undiscovered stories and deities available in this region.
  • Home of Jumla's highest mountain called Mt.Patarasi,Mt.Khadi,Mt.Bijara and other mountains which are not yet climbed.
  • Highest herbs production areas of Jumla.
  • Highest place on earth where rice is cultivated. 
  • camping trek to meadows of Dolpa and Mugu can be done from this area,which is not yet explored by any trekkers.

Facts of the Trek
Level of difficulties : Medium
Trail condition : very flat and wide enough with very less uphill  
Minimum Day required : A week

We have various options for your trek trek as per your needs including Mt.Bijara, Mt.Patarasi, Mt.Kanjirowa, Bailgada lakes, only Copper and Iron source area,Meadows of Mugu and Dolpa.

Mt.Khadi,a border of Jumla and Dolpa

sheepards on the way to Khani meadow. 

girl and her firewood

Bagauli Baba Temple,it is believed that baba look after travellers from any crisis in area of Pere village to Baligada area/

mother in law and her daughter in law carrying firewood to Pere village from chahara, a 5/6 hrs walk. percentage of early marriage in this area is very high.

Gharal pairo bridge.

do not worry to carry  tents,stove and gases to this trek because lots of  caves,wooden log and firewood on the way to mt.Khadi keeps you warm and safe.

Trekking trail to Khani is the finest trail with forest of bamboo , Betula utilis(Bhojpatra), Brown Oak (Kharsu) a himalayan cedar(Deodar) ,Rhododendron alongside of Tila river.

Trekking trail to Khani is the finest trail with forest of bamboo,Betula utilis(Bhojpatra), Brown Oak (Kharsu) a himalayan cedar(Deodar) ,forest of Rhododendron alongside of Tila river.
Baligada temple with Bluesheeps horns offered by local hunters. Every travellers and local offered pooja to this temple for their security and safety.It is believed that Bailgada baba look after safety to those who offered pooja from Baligata temple to Mugu and Dolpa meadows.

trail that passed forest of bamboo,Betula utilis(Bhojpatra)

once you reach to destination you will forget all difficulties and pain you face on the way.

it's completely an unique experience to pass the trail  under ,above and on the fallen trees trail to Mt.Khadi. 

amazing trail with roots of trees.

Baligada wooden bridge.

scary bridge above tila river on the way to Khani Patan.almost 13 bridges need to cross to reach khani grassland.

forest of Betula utilis(Bhojpatra)

way to Mt.Khadi 

@ Cheptey cave,a cave where we just able to lie down.

Dewal @ Khani grassland.

travellers passing bridge at Khani river.

Khani grassland, a closest and easiest place to trek where Yarshagumba or Yarsha found.

cooking in stone cave at Khani grassland.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Devasthal, a glories of Jumla where Lord Shiva Lives

Devasthal is an important hindu pilgrimage dedicated to Lord Vishnu located at mountains of Patarasi Rural Municipality at approx 4100m asl. During Maha Shivratri , hundreds of devotees visit Devasthal from Jumla and its neighbour districts.It is celebrated on the 14th day of the dark fortnight of the Magha month, as per the Hindu Lunar calendar.The temple is sacred to all hindus but need to be promoted.

The Myths of Devasthal
         according to legend, years back one sheppards who had very poor life he was travelling through Devasthal in search of his lost sheeps. He saw the big stones which has one small and medium Linga on it. As hindu offered puja to Linga as a god he has also done puja and found one flower on head of medium Linga and taken with himself (As per Wikipedia Shiva Linga or Shiva Ling is an abstract or aniconic representation of the hindu deity,Shiva, used for worship in temples,smaller shrines or as self manifested natural objects.) from the day he return with flower of Linga he has very good life by increased of sheeps and his business by double digits.

later he realise and come to know by healers or Dhami that being good life in this short period he has,because of visiting and offering Pooja at Devasthal unknowingly. Later he gone with  Sadhey (Adult male Goat) and sacrifice on big stone at the Linga.later the stone break and blood of goats goes from the breaking part of stone and it is believed that by then his life is miserable.

After he know he has done things which should not be done,He gone to many pilgrimages and come to know that Shiva never take sacrifice of animals and red tika.He has done excuse pooja at Devasthal and by then people come to know about Devasthal and people started to go for pooja.

Trail status : Till Baligad temple the trail follows the Tila river with wide and flat trail that crossing 7 bridges passing inside forests of Bamboo , Betula utilis(Bhojpatra), Brown Oak (Kharsu) , a himalayan cedar tree(Deodar) , forests of Rhodondern. From Baligad Temple the trail is steep uphill with narrow path till Dewal approx 3 hrs climb and 15 minutes gentle walk.

Wild animals that found in this area are Blueesheep, Red Panda, Bear, Musk Deer, Himalayan Thar,Serow(Goral) Wild Boar and more.........

Herbs Found: Many Home Herbal Remedies,folklore medicine,Baiydhya healing system in villages

Duration Needs : Max 6 days trek  

Though, the trail was full of snow,Slippery and very cold we have a great trek on snow to Devasthal,

Devasthal in Photos

Devasthal Temple and Flag on log of Bhojpatra stand in breaking parts of stone. 

Snow and Shivlinga on stone

Shivlinga in between of two mountain only possible to go during spring.

Shiv Linga

Background scene of Mt.Khadi and narrow Trail to Devasthal.

People told us this is Icy Shiv Linga.

Baligada Mountain side.

Pilgrimages trekking to Devasthal.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Be Ready for Trekking around Sacred Lakes in Budha Budhi , Jumla

Though Jumla is yet to explore;Budha Budhi trekking area is one potential trekking area to trek.It has 10 sacred lakes,many sacred mountains with different beautiful meadows,sacred hindu temples,homes of many wild animals like Blueships,Red panda, Bear, Musk deer, Himalayan tahr, Serow (Goral), wild boar. as well as home of many important Home herbal remedies, folklore medicine, and the Baidhya healing system are commonly found in this area.

Mountains,Lakes,Waterfall and monasteries are found in unlikely places that might be the best way to get taste of Jumli culture..The region has Matawali Khas and migrated Buddhist from Mugu. Most of this region is of Hindu influence.

The trek begins from Jumla, taking the trail route via Talphi,Sacred Lakes and decend through Chanhya Daha lake 4000m down to Jumla airport or Jumla Buspark, where we catch the flight/Bus to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj.

Facts of the Trek
Trip Duration 7 Days to 15 Days Trek
Maximum altitude 5200m
Trip grade : Moderate
Best Season Spring Mar-April-May
                       Autum : Oct-Nov

Trekking routes

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