Monday, January 30, 2017

A photography Trip to Rara

@ largest lake of Nepal,Rara
It was really amazing experience to manage the photography trip for a Senior photographer of Nepal Mr. Kishor Shrestha and his team from Kathmandu in Jumla and Mugu.
Sinja Khas heritgae sites
The Itineraries was;

Day 1  Nepaljung to Jumla
Day 2 Jumla to Sinja
Day 3 Sinja to Rara lake
Day 4 Rara Lake to Gamgadi
Day 5 Gamgadi to Jumla
Day 7 Jumla to Nepaljung

The actual photography trip was started from day second from Jumla we move early from Jumla to Goruchaur,Sinja valley;a historical and religious importance sites that was proposed as Cultural heritage sites by archealogical department of Nepal. Visited Sinja valley and take photos of people,daily life and tried to make their photography trip purposeful.
King Queen  bridge at Chiudi over Hima river 

Day 3rd as per our itinerary we need to reach Rara lake but due to snow in the road sides of Guchhi lekh,the Jeeps and buses were not going to Mugu. We could easily reach in a day by trek via chuchemara pass via Budu village but due to one of our clients was sickness of blood pressure,so we could not able to choose that options.So, with humble request we manage a Truck to make us reach at Talcha airport.Hence,on this day at evening we reach at Rara lake and stayed at Village resort.

Next day full day one of our Ultra runners Guide Mr.Dipendra Bam lead Mr.Kishor shrestha to Murma Top also called Rara top via Murma village and I took Khem Sir around lake sides,Jungle walk,Have breakfast and headed to Gamgadi in search of pictures as they needs.We stayed at Nitesh Hotel at Gamgadi bazaar
a frightened ride on truck to Mugu

on same day our ultra guide and Kishor sir stayed at Village resort. Next day after breakfast at resort they started hike to Talcha airport.We booked Jeep up to Sinja valley as they need more photos from Sinja valley as they looking for their stories. 

Next day, we reached at Jumla at noon.They donated some trackshoots to Karnali Sports Club of Jumla,a club that trained ultra runners from Jumla. Manage photo shoots of players and sites at Kumri village.overnight at Royal Garden at Khalanga Bazaar.

In photos about Photography trip 
Boating at Rara lake

Rara lake

Khem sir in photo mood

Kishor sir managing kids with basket for his shots

Niraj Sir experiencing crystal clear water of Rara lake

Sinja valley,A capital of Khas Kingdom

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