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Deadliest landslides at Karnali Highway


In Photos of Bagauney Landslide at Karnali Highway,Kalikot

21st September 2017,
Radauney Khola Landslide on 21st September at morning in Karnali Highway cause hard to passenger travelling from highway. Karnali Highway is one of the very difficult and narrow highway in Nepal.After connectivity of road to Jumla, hundreds of people died because of accident so,why people used to say this highway is the "Highway to Hell". Recently the Landslide at Dahi Kohla and now at radhauney or Kagney Khola killed a bike riders and blocked for a weeks because of massive and big stones on roads. 
Due to heavy rain and continue stone fall at site during the time of Dashain festival so many travelers have no choice to walk and pass from the road at risks where the stone were falling. It is also seen buses and Jeeps owner were charging Rs300/ to Rs.500/ up to Manma it is almost triple price than of regular price.

After continuous two day work by scavator of Road Department,Jumla finally able to clear the road and open for vehicle.It is said the scavator…