Sunday, December 2, 2018

Baligad lake,a hidden paradise to explore !!!

Facts of the Trek

Level of difficulties: Medium
Lies in : Patarasi Rural Municipality,Jumla
Trail condition: Medium and Challenging
Minimum Day required: 7 Days required for this trek but if you wish to trek to Patarasi base Camp and Hiuchuli Base Camp 7-10 more days is required
Types of Trek: Camping 
Best Season : Chaitra and Baisakh, Bhadra to Kartik (month of Nepali calendar)
locally called Lisno (ladder) on the trail.
Trek Starts Elevation: 2350m
Highest Elevation: 4090m

Why this trek?
  • Trek on a meadows where Bhultey, Katuko, Baan lasun ,Yarshagumba (latin name cordyceps sinesis) ,Seto chini are found.
  • Home of endangered wild animals Musk Deer, Red Panda, Blue Sheeps,Bear,Himalayan Thar,Serow(Goral),Wild Boar and more.
  • Trekking inside and alongside of finest forest of Bamboo , Betula utilis(Bhojpatra), Brown Oak (Kharsu), Rhododendron, pine trees.
  • Pristine River and waterfalls with multiple caves on the way...
  • Beautiful views of Jumla's highest mountain called Mt.Patarasi, Mt.Khadi, Mt.Bijara and other mountains which are not yet climbed.
Jumla Baligada LakeTrekking Itinerary

Day 1
Jumla to Pere
- Trek to Pere
- Gradual uphill, wide and good trail
- less vehicle run on the road but dusty
- Explore Life Chaudabisa area
- O/N at Pere
Jeeps options is available
Day 2
Pere to Dugali 3020m
- Trek to Dugali
- Hike inside through forest of bamboo,Betuala utilis,Brown Oak
- Trail is wide enough and good condition
- O/N at Dugali

Day 3
Dugali  to Balley Juro Waterfall 3707m
-Trek to Balley Juro camp
- Cross the bridge
-Trail is very narrow, stony and challenging.
-steep uphill with narrow trail statrts
- Reach at Balley Juro water fall
- O/N at Balley Juro  

Day 4
Balley Juro Waterfall to Baligad Lake
- 2/3 hours uphill trek
- you can see the famous temple on opposite called Devsthal
- on the way you will see how the local hunters makes trap for wild animals..
- Reach at Baligada
- O/N at Baligad Lake

Day 5
Baligad Lake to Thepchey Base camp (oralo) 3210m
- Downhill trek to Thepchey oralo
- Downhill trail is much more challenging till Baligad,a temple lies at riverside.
- After riverside temple trail is wide enough and good condition
- viewed different caves and most of the walk inside of bamboo forest and oak trees crossing different wooden bridge
- O/N at Thepchey

Day 6
Thepchey Base Camp to Pere Village
-  Trek to Pere village
- trail is wide enough and good condition
- explore the life of sheepards
- explore the Chahara called waterfall
-  reach at Pere village.
- O/N at Pere Village
Jeep options is available
Day 7
Pere Village to Jumla Bazaar
- Trek starts to Jumla Bazaar
- approx 5/6 hours walk to Jumla bazaar.
- Reach at Jumla bazaar
- O/N at Jumla bazaar

  •        Itinerary is planned for max 5/6 hours trek per day.
  •         Multiple Itineraries are available including Patarasi Base Camp,Hiuchuli,TangTung to Mugu and Dolpa.

 Glimpse of lake Baligad and surroundings in Photos 

Trail to hidden paradise in Patarasi area.
friends enjoying on ice on lake of Baligad.

Traps for wild animals like Ghoral and Naur by local hunters.Though this trap is not completed they do reconstruct before snowfall where they kept Salt and Ashes of firewood inside.When any wild animal get inside for salt door of big stone automatically shutdown and they trapped inside.

Mt. Devstahl and Budha Budhi from Baligad Lake.

Bagauli Buba,trek starts after offering pooja at this famous temple.

many wooden bridges are on the way to lake Baligad.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

In Photos ; Lifes of Herbal collector in meadows of Jumla and Jajarkot

 White sugar is an herbs that found under soil in high hilly region and Himalayan region. This is a valuable herbs which look like Shakarkhanda locally known as Khiraulo/Haddey/Seto Chini. In every Ashoj to end of Mangsir of Nepali month White Sugar harvested and this can be harvested every year. It is believed that White sugar is used to make medicine. Its main market is China.
Due to massive harvesting without coordination and plan between concern agencies like Municipality, Rural Municipality, Forest Offices. It is believed that seeds of Seto Chini and other herbs might be vanished from the area where found. According to local people, every year the quantity of White Sugar decreasing than that of the quantity they collected last year.

Local Name: Seto Chini (White Sugar) /Haddey/Khiraulo
Species: Polygonatum also known as Smilax which is also known as Kukurdaino in Nepali
Harvesting Period: Ashoj to end of Mangsir (Nepali Calendar)
Found on: Open slopes, 2300m-3500m above sea level
Famous District where White Sugar found: Meadows of Jajarkot, Mugu, Jumla, Bajura, Bajang and some Hilly and Mountain district
Raw white Sugar: Rs.25-30/-per kg
Steamed and Dried: Rs.1000-Rs1500/- per kg (prices are varies in different districts.)

Friday, November 16, 2018

Naumuli Temple,don't miss a holy hike when you are at Jumla !!!

Naumuli temple lies at top of Godhasin village of Patarasi Rural Municipality.This temple is famous among hindus in Jumla.This temple is perfect for a day hike for experiencing rural lifes,mountain views and many stories along the way.Temple lies at 2790m above sea level.

Facts of Naumuli Hike
  • 900+steps,believed, highest steps ever you walk to reach a temple in Nepal.
  • Experience beautiful rural life and village.
  • Beautiful views of Mountain.
  • A spiritual walk you ever had.

Naumuli temple and surroundings.
Mountain view from Naumuli temple.

Naumuli temple.
steps on the way to Naumuli temple.

Naumuli Temple

Godhasin Village

Naumuli temple and surroundings.

Faces from Jumla.

Jumli house at Godhasin village.

Maize on the roof of villagers at Godhasin village.

Wooden Statue on the way to temple

newly constructed steps on the way to Naumuli temple

Wooden statue called  Masto at naumuli temple

Mountain view from Naumuli Temple

In Photos ; Barley Harvesting started in Jumla !!!

Barley is an important winter crop in Jumla.It is grown in both Khet and Sarna(farming land that lies in high altitude area which has no ir...