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From My Diary; Anantey Purnima Celebration at Kalikot 2072

Jangey Paith
Puni or Purnima is an impotrant religious celebration in Nepal. The west Nepal especially hilly and mountain region of mid western and Far western region people celebrates Purnima in a use level.

On , the day of Purnima offering pooja to God Masta; a form of Mahadev. As well as offering pooja to Pitta; Marking as a god to those who killed or died unnormally. The family member offering pooja to pitta.  on the day of offering their god and goddess during Purnima. It’s believed that they do not get able to travel heaven.

Mainly Purnima celebrated  three times a year;Baisakh,Jestha and   Anantey Puni on month of Ashoj

·   In Mid and Far Western region "Tharpa Masto" culture is highly followed. To participate on this Mastha Pooja people who were outside of village’s used to come to their home. in other words its type of Kul Puja. In this region it’s valued an important festival than that of Dashain festival. Almost a week, different celebrations has been occurred in different temple lies in Karnali. It can be also known as offering pooja to their Istha devta and Kul Devta. Kul devta is known as; the god whom offering by every family ancestors and continued offering wherever they gone and stayed. Offering pooja is continuing to generations to generations.
Following are some celebrations of Temple 
that I had tried to brief how it was celebrated.

Khapar Paith Celebrations

The temple of Khapar lies on the top of 
villag Sukatiya Inside of Patal forest at 
Sukatiya VDC of Kalikot district.  
It is a day downhill and uphill walk 
from district headquarter called Manma.

Khapar paith
Pooja of Khapar celebrated on a a day beore Anantey Purnima falls on the Nepali month of Ashoj. Paith is a local word that describes Jatra or Festivals.

Local people tell us Khappar is a Bhutansi Devta; an evil power marked as a god.The villagers used to celebrate this pooja because; long time ago Khapper used to gives trouble to villagers.later,when villagers make promised to built a temple and offer him as a god. Then it’s believed that Khapar look after the villager from any upcoming trouble.

Strong Beliefs to Khapar

People from different VDC come to observed and celebrate Khapar Paith. On every Purnima people brought Boka; a virgin male goats offered, Cocks and many more have been offered by the believers.  In other region of temple when some one offered Boka they took with them after sacrifice and shows blood to god but in this area they left offered goats and cocks. As well as the money are not used to offered as Vheti; person who donate money to god.  People brought their wish fulfill after offering pooja before at temple.

The day of celebrations when we were at temple to observed paith; We saw two people infront of Dhamis outside of temple. They were saying we come because we had settle the problem and inform you not to harm the concern person to whom I had ask you to punish before.

Story behind this two men and women was; a man lost his gold in the hotel run by women at Manma. He only knows lost of gold when he come back to his home.next day he goes to same hotel and ask to help to get back his gold.There was a big discuss between owner and victim.later,lack of proves he was forced to go back and do not disturb hotelier. After that he direct goes to this Khapar temple and offered puja (Devta garney; means do not leave the person who had harm him/her and brought back that person to your feet)and ask to find person and penalized who had stolen his gold.He promised if you (khapar god) make my gold back I will never forget to offered pooja of yours.

After five months of pooja offered by this person; the husband of hotelier call him and realize that he had taken that gold. That was my mistake I am sorry. He also promised to give back the money valued to that gold. Also he added my wife doesnot know any things abiut this. He call him because by last five four month things are not going normal in his life. He comes to know that this because of his pooja offered to Khapar Devta.

So then settlement between two parties has been done. Some portions of money has been handed to him and paper work has been done with date coted by how many days he is going to pay back rest of the money.

 Thus, a man who had theft gold gone to India in search of work . On this Purnima they come together with paper that because to show to show the signed paper to you(Khapar God) about finding and agreements between us. So, that the god will not harm him and his family as well as do not makes trouble to their work.

Jangey Paith

This is the last day of Anantey Purnima festival celebrated in Sukatiya VDC. It is one of the most observed festivals in that area. People from other VDCs also come to watch this festival. All Dhami’s from the area were invited and come to take part in this event. Though, people called as Jangey Paith exactly it offered to Mastha God.

Story about the Janga Bir Shahi

Long time ago people used to go far away to celebrate this Purnima festival later Jangey Bir Shahi had started this Purnima festival in the area and by the time it was called Jangey Paith. It is said that Jangey Bir Shahi was the most valued person in this area during the era of Panchayat and Rana Regime. He was the ruler of the time of this area.

Local still saying his stories that passes by the generation like; Once when he was gone to visit Kathmandu and meet Rana regime; he Said Mr. Jangey I heard many people were died because of unknown disease is it true later Janga Bir Shahi replied, Highness when I will died then think all people were died in the area so, things are not bad as you heard.

Thus, his connection with the rulers on that time makes him more powerful in that area. Ruling by their children in the area remains till the Maoist insurgency period.

During the time of maoist, after his death of 60/70 years on 2052 B.S the Maoist insurgency was in high level they had looted his house. People from that community still saying it took almost 2 days to take the things from his house to more than 200 maoist.  When maoist looted the house from then the bad day of his family started. Though still, they are the main person in the society to manage all conflicts and problem between the people, community in the area.

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