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Shrawan Sankranti Festival Celebrated in Jumla

Shrawan Sankranti Festival Celebrated in Jumla
Shifting Culture

Rako at Singachaur Village

Shrawan Sankranti is a festival of festing and Merry making. It’s one of the important festival celebrated in Jumla.By this we can understand time of festival begins in Jumla. After this Gathey Mangal, travelling to Badi Malika, Bajura and Gaijatra festival are the closest festivals going to celebrated in Jumla.

Rako;small fire of firewood

Shrawan Sankranti  celebrated on the first day of month of Shrawan of Nepali year. This festival marks the end of plantation of paddy. Though , in Jumla plantation of paddy is finished by Asar due to himalaya region.
Chandanath and Bhairavnath Temple
This month is regarded as the holiest month of all by Hindus all over the world. Each Monday Especially Women take fasting and dedicated to Lord Shiva for the purpose of gifting long and prosperous life to their husband. On that day they visit the temples of Lord Shiva.

On this full month women wear green clothes, green Bangles and Mehendi or Heena as a decorating their hands.

Social person Mr.Chitralal Shrestha from Khalanga bazaar Said; Importance of celebrating this event originated from historic times when farmers used to celebrate the finishing of plantation of paddy and other crops and supposed to rid from evil.

Way how Shrawan Sankranti Celebrated in Jumla
Mr Dipendra Raj Poudel ,CDO of Jumla offering Pooja at PanchaMukhi hanuman Temple
Before evening on the day first District Administration Office of Jumla offering pooja at “Pancha Mukhi” five faced Hanuman temple that lies inside of District Administration office area. They give sacrifice of “Boko”  (animal that select must be a one-year-old male, either a sheep or a goat) infront of Bhairavnath temple.People from villages closed to Khalanga bazaar do not fire on “Rako”… small fire wood set infront of the house or roof of the houses until and unless they do not hear the sound of drummers from Jumla bazaar.
Mr Dipendra Raj Poudel ,CDO of Jumla offering Pooja at PanchaMukhi hanuman Temple
Rako at Pancha Muhki Hanuman Temlpe
When they fire on firewood people perform a ritual of “Luto Phalney” in the evening at their roof or infront of houses. They keep firewood,burn the wood as well as flowers and Titepati and throw them away by shouting ….. “take away Scabies”  some where in villages people plays a locally famous dance Deauda dance.

When villagers from different villages fire on their firewood it looks completely different , beautiful atmosphere. It is amazing to come and part of this festival.

 Glimpes of Sarawan Sankranti Festival in Jumla

heading to Bhairavnath temple for sacrificing Boko

Sacrificing Boko

Statie of Bhairavnath and Priest of Bhairavnath

hifting culture to their generation............go away scabies

First Rako infront of Bhairavnath and Chandanath temple

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