Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heritages from Sinja; Desperetely needs for preservation and Conservation

Things you need to know about Sinja, Jumla
Narakot Sinja Valley

· Sinja Valley contains the archaeological evidence of the capital city of the well organized and influential Western Malla or Khasa Kingdom of the 12th and 14th Century.  
· After the 14th Century the Khasa Kingdom split into the Baise or Twenty-Two Kingdoms, which existed until the unification of Nepal in the late 18th Century. 
· Sinja is the origin place of Nepali Language. 
·  The archeological department of Nepal has applied to UNESCO for proposed Cultural heritage sites of Nepal on dated 2008. 
· A day trekking trail to Sinja from Jumla bazaar.
·  Sinja is no more far from Katmandu very good road connection. Around 20 hour drive to Jumla      from Kathmandu. It took 6/7 hours drive to reach Sinja from Jumla.
·       A day gentle Trek to Rara Lake from Sinja.

Situations of the Heritages

Dewal at Jacha Village Waiting for preservation and conservation
·      Local people were not aware about the heritages found in their villages.

·      Almost all heritage resources are in poor condition

 ·   Some of the heritages are already lost their existence somewhere destroyed during 10 year Guerilla war of Maoist of Nepal.
·      According to local people most of the statue of gods and goddess has been stolen and there is no any proper

·      Local people are replacing fancy goddess statue in the temples and destroying their life.

·      No proper documentation of the heritages found and scattered in the areas.

·      The private landowner owns almost all heritages.

·      Some historically important temples and monuments are now loosing their life due to unnecessarily expense made by government agencies and NGOs in the areas in the name of development. I mean they are using Tin as a roof and cement in the wall and destroying the heritages.

It was destroyed during Insurgency period later villagers built gain

What your Travel mean to this area

·      People will aware about their Heritage resources and Tourism

·      Help to their local economy

·      Push people to work and study tourism

·      Lobbying and advocacy to the concern agencies about the heritages in the areas

·      Helps to working in the area of preservation and conservation of Heritages found in the areas.

·      Helps us to develop the network and connectivity to the national travel and trekking agencies.

·      Help us to develop and promote the Home Stay in the region and motivate to working in this business.

when children saw foreigner and new person at their villages they runaway because they were not familiar to the new people who visit their place

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