Friday, July 10, 2015

A man with Hope

I saw a man beside a Karnail Higway at Litakot village of Tatopani VDC,Jumla. He was Weaving a "Leiw" local Carpet made of wool and his friends were looking his work. His Name is  Mr. Chandra Bir Budha age of 65 years old.He is disable he has lost his leg when he was small.
Mr Chandra Bir Budha Weaving a "liew" local Carpet
He is a business person in Jumla. He has started handmade local carpet business in Litakot.Their closest market is 22 km far Jumla bazaar. He started this hand made carpet business to support local economy,to time pass as he could not go and work as his friends used to.

He started this business because people always look at me with sorrow and thinking how could I survive and what a problem with a family however all family member support and help him to his business and in every steps.
Ready Carpet

Under making Carpet
He attended many business-festivals in Jumla bazaar organized by small cottage industry and District chambers of commerce.He was appreciated and awarded of his work and gets many awards and owner as well.

But these days he said ,I am not able to run as it was before . I said why?, he said first we used to give radi ,pakhi,carpet ,liew to the senior officer of eac office as a souvenier from my self with the hope of getting some budget and help from their offices to expand this business.
Mr Chandra Bir Budha bed and his working area

with upset; he said he never get helps but lost almost more than 2 lakhs. from then nightmare of my business started. one piece of liew minimum cost Rs.4500 and varies from size and tooks 2 week to complete.minimum cost of radi cost Rs.3500 and varies from size. Galicha minimum cost Rs.8000 and cost varies from its size.It tooks 10-15days to complete a piece of Galicha.

locally he gave jobs to 15-20 people at his business but now no body works their however he himself used to work but he has still very determination to rise his business.

Then, also I visited his place where he has chan(weaver machine) locally made machine to stich woolen rope for radi.The room was on the top of his house but easy to climb from road side.
Mr.Bali Dharala showing me photo from this picture he needs her single picture.
While entering inside a room a old man his fried called Mr Bali Dharala was sleeping at the door side.I greet him by saying Namaste and click his photo later. he talked with me and asking for took picture of his wife from a group photo that he has. He wantonly photo of his wife because she died a few months before and he has no single photo of his wife. later when I asked to show me the photo that was in not in good condition that was folded and folded so i said it is not possible to brought your wife photo because you kept your photo in wrong way otherwise I could. later he shows me his wife voting card to took pic from it.and that was also in not good condition everything is black although identity number and detail was,I decided to go and ask with local election office of Jumla and ask for photo that has been taken during collection of voter list. i saw very clearly that he has agreat hope that I will provide him his wife photo. after a few week I managed and travelled a 22 km from Jumla bazaar to give his wife photo that means a great affection,love and rememberence of his wife Ms.Dhauleni Dharala .  
Bali Dharala at his friend working place
In that room I saw a bed at corner and left side of his bed has locally made machine with wooden stic that used to stich radi  and Pakhi and in front sid of bed the machine of carpet was their. All materials used for making these things are locally suppied like woolen,black colour etc.
Mr. Chandra Bir Budha informing me his business
He showed me his certificcate from where he get trained and get hope to start business.He is also a trainer for radhi pakhi and carpet making in Jumla.He also showed me from where he get awarded he said many times he was awared and receive owner in Jumla bazaar.Also he said his interview has been taken by many local news agencies of Jumla but nothing happen to my businees.I hope you may be supportive.

I wish that many helping hands will come forward to help his business and promote his work.

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