Saturday, July 4, 2015

Reasons Why you Need to Travel Jumla

Reason Why You need to Explore Jumla

·      Witness wilderness, untouched and pristine
Irrigation canal at Talium
·      Experience what very few have before you, trekking through some of the most remote regions
Very pleased children from Jumla

·      Jumla is the place from where Nepali Language is originated.
Heritage attractions of Sinja that needs desperate needs of preservation
·      It has still scattered ruins of palaces, temples, Gadi/Military camping Sites and monuments needs to promote and preserve.
Panchadewal of Talium

·      It is the highest place on earth where Kalo Marsi rice cultivating.
women enjoying and dancing with typical songs called Magal during Ropain;Planting rice plants

·      Jumla is famous for apple farming and walnuts.

·      Jumla is the first district declares as an Organic District of Nepal.

·    Sports person can come and get trained in Jumla (for High altitude training) with Hari Rokaya (Gunnies World Record Holder/Everest Marathon Hattricker) in his Sport Club.
High altitude marathon Nationa Hero of Nepal and Coach (photo from his page)
·      It is the gateway to Rara lake of Mugu and Dolpa.

·      Jumla is rich in herbal resources and one can easily visit and experience in such a high grassland areas where Yarshagumba found, in a very short trek (a 3 Nights/4 days).
In search of Yarshagumba
·      Jumla is still a virgin land where many places need to explore.

·      To attend in many unique festivals like Ropai and Dhan festival, Bisuwa festival; women celebrating of seedling of rice; Changing and Standing of Wooden loge (Linga) at famous Chandanath and Bhairavnath Temple in Bazaar during Ghatasthapana of Dashain. Unique Gaijatra festival celebrated in Jumla for 7 days on Shrawan/August.
changing new Linga at Chandanath Temple during Ghatasthapana of Dashai Festival
Snowcovered Jumla

Caravan of women carrying loads of firewood at Haku bridge

A typical culturl drummer in Jumla called Pancehy baja is still in practices during wedding and other functions.

View of Lamra village and Jumla bazaar from panchadewal at Talium

And for many more reason…………………………………

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