Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lets Plan the Yarchagumba Trek in the Hidden land of Karnali region

Introduction of Yarchagumba

  • Nepali: Jiwan Buti (life herb)
  • Tibetan: Yarsha Gunbu (summer plant, winter insect)
  • Chinese: Dong Chong Xia Cao (winter worm, summer grass)
  • Japanese: Tôchû kasô
  • Latin: Cordyceps sinensis (Berkeley) Saccardo
  • Distribution: Nepal, China, Tibet, India and Bhutan.
  • Elevation: Generally found above 3,000 meters.

Yarchagumba found in meadows of Jumla

BBC documentary film maker called as “Himalayan Viagra” as its sexual tonic property. The name of YARSAGUMBA means (summer grass, winter worm) in Tibetan language, for a rare fungus that parasites on the body of a caterpillar of a moth (genus THITARODES). 

This so-called CATERPILLAR FUNGUS (CORDYCEPS SINENSIS) grows only at elevation 3500m -4500m altitude of Tibet, Nepal, China, Bhutan and North-East India. For its medicinal values, YARSAGUMBA has been an important component for a many of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, due to a constantly growing demand and the difficulties in harvesting, YARSAGUMBA has become the most expansive medicinal substance in the world. The harvesting period of yarsagumba is end of April to June & July. So during this month’s all the people of Jumla,Mugu and Dolpo region were go to pasture and camp there to collect the yarsagumba.
Yarchagumba collecter at meadows of Jumla

This trek is unique and first time in Nepal ever done by any trekking agencies. So in this trek we explore the Yarsagumba abounding places. We guide you to take on pasture and feel of real & live experiences of yarsagumba harvesting process. In this trek we will take you to pasture and you also can involve collecting the yarsagumba & interaction with local people (Yarsagumba Collector) which will be the wonderful experience. 

We have different itineraries of Jumla, Dolpa and Mugu. But based on your interest we will make optional itineraries too.

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