Fixing in Karnali for documentaries, filming and Photography

Film Fixing in Karnali – We work as a team and we have years of experience as local production managements of film-making in Karnali. Our combined experience probably makes us the most qualified fixing team in Karnali.

Our strength lies in the fact that we have very good interpersonal and mutually trustworthy relationship with all.

We ensure that when you arrive, your time is fully optimized. We can help you with location scouting, accessing individuals through our extensive network of contacts, manage travel logistics, plan your schedule, and fix any problems that arise on your path.

  • Location scouting and management.
  • Interpretation English, Nepali.
  • Crew hire.
  • Interview transcription and translation.
  • Travel logistics management including flights, jeep hire, hotel bookings.
  • People finding, getting you in touch with the people you need to interview. 


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