Thursday, August 18, 2016

Photo Features of Janai Purnima Festival celebration in Jumla

Every year during Janai Purnima falls on the month of Bhadra; hindu people around the world used to visit the holy places. As such in Jumla Hindu pilgrimages also visit the holy places situated on the top of the mountains as well as other holy places situated in country or abroad.

Hindu pilgrimages as well as other people or tourist goes to celebrate this festival.On this day pilgrimages do not eat eggs and meats to become clean. late night pilgrimages perform Deauda dance in the name of god and goddess all nigt.  On the day Janai Purnima all pilgrimages take bath in the lakes,river or tap at the cultural sites they gone for puja. later the process of Puja begins at temple.

Here are photos of flowers,people,landscapes that I have captured on the way to Chimara Malika.

Chimara Malika Temple (3750m asl) and pilgrimages.

view of Jumla Valley on the way to Chimara Malika temple.
  Different flowers on the way to Chimara Malika

pilgrimages construct this Dewal in memory of their closest who were passed away.

pilgrimages dancing while coming back after offering Pooja. It's believe that once wish will be fullfill only if they dance.
It's rest time after climbing height.

at the age of 65 (Padam kali Acharya) she was walking easily to Chimara Malika temple 3750m asl.

A man having Chilim (smoke) on his Shulfa.
Pilgrimages taking bath at holy tap called Shiv Dhara 15 minutes downhill of Chimara malika temple.
Dhami (Healers doctors) dancing at Chimara Malika temple.
view of Patmara VDC from Chimara Malika temple

People having fire to hide from cold

blowing air to make fire so that the can eat foods they brought with.

after they make fire they warm their breads.

Warm breads
Early morning view of Mount Kanjirowa;a highest mountain in karnali region

on this particular day of Janai purnima the farmers provides curd,milk,rice pudding without charging.

cowyards grazing and Jumla valley

a view of Dewal , meadow and clouds.

Important cultural sites of Karnali and Jumla called Dansanghu Dovan meeting point of two river Tila and Juwa.

Shiva temple at Dansanghu dovan.

Healers ( Dhami) healing infront of Shiva temple.

Ganesh and Shiva temple at Dansanghu Dovan,Talichaur.

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