Two classes runs in one room at Hima Primary School at Koireli

Due to lack of class rooms in Hima Primary School two classes are running in one room. out of three rooms one classes for Early child development program and two classes is for grade 1 to grade 5.This is the status in most of the school in Jumla and Karnali.There are 165 students,one permanent teacher three temporary staffs and one helper. So,if you would like to help to construct building or support in kinds like bench , desk let me know I can directly contact you all to principal and Chairperson of Hima Rural Municipality,Sinja.
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Drinking water and Toilets of school

Grade 4 & 5 

students of Grade 4 & 5 
only new building of hima primary school at Koireli

Koireli paddy field

student of Grade 5.
Chief of Hima Rural Municipality,Kirdarc representative at school during monitoring.

still many childrens are out of school due to poverty.
Koireli village
Traditional local Jumli house at Koireli ,Sinja

Grade 4 & 5


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