Dr.Govinda KC Hunger Strike started Inside from District Police Office of Jumla

when Jumli people knew that Dr.KC is in Jumla they came to supports Dr KC. By the time when he arrive in Jumla police were not allowing him to travel around khalanga bazaar and not allowed on the way to Hospital. Before he declare of his hunger strike police stop him 2 km ahead of Karnali academy of Health science,

when local people gathered where he was stopped they gone in front of District Administration office of Jumla where they shows play card against Oli government .Openly the civil society of Jumla,women ,every age group people come to supports Dr.KC hunger strike. 

Before arrest of Dr.Kc local police used unnecessarily power to local supporter by using Iron rod and sticks. The situation was tense movement for an hour. Few local protesters were got minor injuries.

Now Dr.KC hunger strikes started inside of District Police Office of Jumla. 
 Deputy Superintendent of Police Dr.Tapan Dahal and Police with Iron rods 


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