Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Photos Jumla Holi Festival 2018, the colourful festival celebration

         Holi, the festival of colours, was celebrated in various parts of the nation including the Jumla valley and hilly regions on Sunday. Revellers, young and old alike, celebrated the festival, also known as Phagu Poornima, by smearing colours on each other’s face and throwing water-filled balloons. The festival will be celebrated in the Tarai region on Monday.

Todays holi special program in Jumla was organised together by Karnali Sports Club,Jumla and monthly magazine Kanjirowa Times.

Here are some photographs of Holi celebration in Jumla:

people celebrates Holi in their own way.

colouring friends from back surprisingly at khalanga bazaar.
people trying to broke pot at Bazaar.

a group name called rising star very closed to broke a pot.

People celebrating holi at Khalanga bazaar.

Groups waiting their turns to broke the pot.

full of colourful people in street.

Dancing at event.

no one can stop to take photos in this festival.

childdrens preparing pot near to Talibada village,Jumla

Ananda karki was ready from HIV group to break pot at Khalanga bazaar,Jumla.

people during breaking pot event at Khalanga bazaar.

having grouphie after holi celebration.

Childrens celebrating Holi with their friends.

a group at Kaldungi celebrationg Holi.

Rising star group finally broke the pot and declare winner.

a Hero of the pot break event.

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