In search of Yarshagumba,a Himalayan Viagra

people heading to Thaurgyu pata for yarsha collection

People from different VDC of Jumla; Small children to high age people, with out concerning any difficulties and sufferer are in High Grass land for collecting economically well-introduced herb Yarshagumba (Cordyceps sinesis). Per piece Yarsha cost Rs.500 to Rs1000 (approx. USD 5 to 10) varies according to size. 2014 Per Kg Yarshagumba costs approx. Rs 30 lakh USD 32000 and this year believed cost would rise. Cordyceps sinesis is a rare and unique herb that grows in the meadows above 3500m in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It is believed to be a cure for sexual impotency.
Tents of yarsha collecter at Dhauligada

A yarsha collecter since 18 years in this grassland Mr.Krishna Pandey from Biyarey village, Deepalgaun VDC said, collecting yarsha this year is very tough than any other year because there is still high level of snow that have never seen before because of this we stay with out searching yarsha for a week.
in search of yarsha

People pay tax of Rs.100 to forestry office, Jumla and take receipts before heading otherwise they are penalized at the grassland areas.

yarsa plant

Way of picking Yarsha

Fresh Yarsha

It take two days to reach this closest high grass land of Jumla called Thakurgyu Patan . This grass land is also known as a potential trekking sites having cultural and religiously important lakes ; Thakurgy lake, Hudkey daha, Sankha daha , Gidhi Daha .
14 year boy cooking meal for his group

We met around 200 people from different VDC of Jumla who were there from 2 weeks and collecting Yarsha. These days graph of people who are going to collect Yarsha are increasing. 
preparing to get sleep

Furtehr; glimpse of yarsha collection in photos
Duni patan

people passing Chaudhary vitto pass in search of yarsa

people cheer ups when they saw us

way to Thakurgyu patan

in search of Yarsha


sunset from dhauligada camp

Thus, anyone who willing to go for yarsha Trek and photography they can contact us. 


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