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Itineraries of Jumla and it's Neighbours Districts

We provide facilities to those trekkers who can adjust in minimum locally available services such as; eat locally available food, accommodate in local tea houses ; houses of villagers which are congested in the areas of Jumla and mugu.

Trekker should have strong willing, motivate for travelling these areas as it is rural area of Nepal where modern facilities are not available. 

Here, we had provided a lots of itineraries with in Jumla and around Jumla 
and its neighbours districts.If you need further detail information about any provided itineraries you can email or contact us.......
 Tekking  with in Jumla

-     Jumla to jaljala- marphan- chautha –Bhulbule- Dhaba - Chuchemara lagna (range) - Mili grass land and Hutu(Danphe Hotel) (challenging Trek)

-       Jumla to Sinja valley (capital of Khas king and origin of nepali language)

-       Jumla to Sinja(Botamalika) and rara ( via chuchemara lagna (pass) )

-       Jumla to Chumchaur (chumchaur valley; place recorded as high paddy farming in world)

-       Jumla to Godheymahadev VDC (flow of wild bees, special cultural events (Healing on water all the night)during winter ) (2/3 days)

-       Jumla to Chimara malika ( good view of Patarasi and Kanjirowa mountain and Jumla valley 1 night/2 days uphill full day walk)

A day hike in Jumla ;

-       - One day hike to Gothalay water fall (Banta,Patamara VDC
-        - Hike to KTS – Charay chaur– Bhandaribada Malika
-       - Ganesh cave and sidhha cave in Boharagaun
-       - Tatopani hot water springs and Ruins of lachal kriti paikalo
-       - Panchadeol and satra (seventeen) Pillar Umgada and Lamra

Trekking to Rara(Mugu)

-       Jumla to Rara lake to Kimri- Mangri – Mugu and Dolpo valley

-       Jumla to Chayanath temple  (Mugu near to tibet) (Challenging)

-       Jumla to mugu-humla

-       Jumla to RiniMoshya and Rara

-       Jumla to rara via Danphe lekh and Patmara village

Re-xplore the Ancient Trade route to Jumla

.    Dailekh(chupra) – shrithan- Khambagadey - dahachaur- Birtamod –Nagma-Jumla ( Via Haudi lekh) (very rare use by people)

2  Dailekh(chupra) – shrithan- Khambagadey –Dahachaur- Padmaghar-chilkya-Nagma- Jumla( Via Haudi lekh) (Very rare use by people)

3   Dailekh Bazaar- Mabhu lekh-lasundunga-Chilkhaya-Nagma-Jumla (still used by local of Kalikot)

Camping Trek

Jumla - Thakurgyu 2 night/3 days

Jumla – RiniMokshya (3 / 4 days)

Jumla to Patarasi Base camp (5/6 days)

Jumla Patarasi base camp- manishangu(Gotichaur)- Thakurjyu (places of lakes and high grassland)-Gidhi daha (lake)- gidikhola- lamra-jumla(12/15days)

Jumla – Patarasi- Kagmara- Sheyphoksundo lake (Dolpo) (unexplored) (12/15 days)

Jumla-Dolpa-sheyphoksundo lake

Specials Treks can be managed and operate

-      Yarshagumba trek in Jumla, Dolpa and Mugu high grass land
  1.       Apple trek in and around Jumla valley
  2.       Guchhi Mushroom and herbal collecting trek ( in an around Jumla) (interesting for those who like to see  the people lives closely)
  3.        Silagit excretation watching trek (heart taking experience on watching)
  4.      Facilitations on Cultural, Historical, Herbal and Forestry research in Jumla

On request; Specials package can be managed for the filming in Jumla.

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