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Bada Dashain begins by changing Lingo on day Gahatasthapana at Jumla

The "Navaratri Parba" or the nine nights festival of Bada Dashain started by Changing Lingo in Chandanath and Bhairavnath Temple,Jumla.

The first day of Bada Dashain festival is called "Ghatasthapana" on the day of "Ghatasthapana" hindu devotees in Jumla changed the "Lingo" at  famous Chandanath and Bhairavnath temple  at Jumla. The Lingo is timber of length approx. more than 52 feet which is coloured with brick red colour and a huge cloth (Dhoja) is stitched around it, which looks like a triangular flag. Before changing Lingo Pujari of both temple worship the lingo with vedic rituals.
Devotees at Chandanath and Bhairavnath temple on day of Ghatasthapana during changing Linga.
It is believe that the Kalyal Dynasty; built this temple at Khalanga Bazaar.
Hindu devotees trying to get Dhoja
People strongly believe that something wrong is going to be happened if that lingo is break during change or during brought from Radii Khella; forest from where lingo brought.

It's has long history; Coloring lingo and temple during festivals as well as digging and filling of Lingo is only done by the people of Rini Village. Other people also can joined but these days it is not mandatory to the villagers of Rini but they still continue these things in the name of god and their ancestors who had started.

Large numbers of people are particularly seen in the temple on the occasion of Ghatasthapana but Krishna Rokaya said these days it can be said Nepal army and Nepal Police are the pillar of this festival. Because locals are not participating as it used to be on past years. They mostly do every year bringing Lingo and changing lingo though few locals and hindu devotees participate.
 The major attraction of changing Lingo; the rope is holed by people from different four sides that tied before. When lingo falling down slowly with loosing ropes from other two sides, people jumping to get the flags(clothes that tied on the Lingo last year) so that they could kept in their home and tied on the neck. It is strongly believed that these flags are good luck.
Poojari of Chandanath temple offering pooja to new lingo before changing old one.
After finishing of changing Lingo, people of Jumla worship Diyo (an oil-fed lamp), Kalas (auspicious jar) and Lord Ganesh in accordance with Vedic rituals and keep Khukuri, Marsey, Maize and barley seeds for germination of the auspicious Jamara (barley shoots).

Before and after changing each Lingo Nepal Army shots bullets on air and drummers creates beautiful melody.

When lingo changed at the end; there is also a tradition of sacrificing BOKO; a goats used for sacrifice in the name of god. The BOKO is offered by District administration office of Jumla  one each for Chandanath Temple and Bhairavnath Temple as well as another BOKO is offered by people of Rini Village of Patmara VDC to goddess Bhagawati at Chandanath temple. As well as Nepal Army gives special Salami on the name of  Chandanath and Bhairav nath.

Some Pictures of Linga Khada

Pujari of Chandanath temple offering vedict pooja on dogged hole before changing new Lingo.

Colouring the Linga before vedict pooja.

Replacing new lingo at Chandanath Temple.

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